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SAT 2023: What is "complemento carta porte"?

Beware! The SAT, in Mexico, can impose fines ranging from $17,000 to $90,000 MXN pesos in case of omitting the "complemento carta porte".

SAT 2023: What is "complemento carta porte"?

But, what is the "complemento carta porte"?

The "complemento carta porte" is a tool designed to improve traceability and control of goods and merchandise in movement, providing a detailed view of the means of transport used. As of January 2023, its use is mandatory, and as of 2024, fines will start to be applied for its incorrect filling.

If you are involved in the transportation of goods or merchandise, issue an income type CFDI with a "complemento carta porte" and cover the charge for the service you are providing, as well as the transportation in national territory.

It is still not very clear, don't worry, we explain it to you with the following examples:

  • Scenario 1, if you are a transporter: If you are hired to transport laptops from Monterrey to Mexico City in a cargo truck, you will have to issue an electronic invoice of income with the "complemento Carta Porte".

  • Scenario 2, if you are an owner: If you transport your batch of shoes with YOUR OWN freight truck from Monterrey to Mexico City, you will need to issue an electronic invoice for transportation with the "complemento Carta Porte".

At Axosnet, we understand the importance of keeping your business in compliance with SAT requirements, especially with regard to the new requirement of the "complemento Carta Porte", which has become a crucial aspect for transportation and logistics.

In a scenario where a specialized solution is required to carry out these transfers, at Axosnet we have developed the customized solution that will allow you to issue documents easily and accurately. Avoid fines, comply with regulations and keep your business compliant with the help of Axosnet.

Contact us today and find out how we can be your ally in this new era of tax regulations.

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