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Reduce up to 95% of the time in vendor invoice registration and validation

Over 20 years of experience in technology and innovation.

Axosnet Cloud Portal: A Self-Service Vendor Portal Engineered for Seamless ERP Integration

  • Automates notifications to vendors about new purchase orders for immediate confirmation.

  • Empowers vendors to submit invoices, credit notes, and payment complements online anytime, ensuring round-the-clock operation.

  • Supports both standard PDF invoices and digitally signed invoices (CFDI V4.0), offering versatile document handling.

  • Advanced recognition technology in PDF invoices captures critical data such as invoice numbers, PO numbers, and total amounts with precision.

  • For CFDI V4.0 documents, ACP V3.0 rigorously validates structure, digital signatures, certificates, and amounts, while screening against the banned list.

  • Facilitates a comprehensive 3-way match validation (PO vs. GR vs. INV) across both PDF and digital signed documents, enhancing transaction integrity.

  • Offers vendors the convenience of checking the status of invoice payments or processing, promoting transparency and trust.

  • Seamlessly integrates with SAP ECC or S/4 HANA through Axosnet Add-ons, streamlining the invoice posting process into your ERP system.

  • The Axosnet add-on for SAP ERP includes an administration cockpit and integration code, simplifying system management and connectivity.

Easily communicate with vendors using charts

ACP Dashboard shows the Invoice Processing History, including:

  • Volume of Registered Invoices

  • Volume of Inovices Paid

  • Invoices Processing

  • Invoice Payment Status

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Make sure purchase orders are accurate and confirmed

ACP informs vendors about issued purchase orders and allows them to confirm acceptance (Pending, Accepted, Rejected).

ACP optimizes vendor invoice reception process

  • Reduce time in invoice reception.

  • Validate 3-way match documents (PO vs GR vs INV).

  • Automate CFDI validations. 

  • Streamline the registration of invoices in your ERP.

  • Provide payment process traceability.

  • Check the payment status of invoices.

A vendor simple and intuitive self-service interface to register invoices (PDF or XML)

ACP improves the customer-supplier relationship by providing a friendly way to give autonomy to enter invoices via multiple mediums (web interface or API).

Configure rules and decide what's valid or invalid

ACP verifies the digital seal, structure, amounts, banned lists and validity of the CFDI by making a connection to the SAT. 

In addition, you can add additional validation rules, using CFDI fields.


For the Supplier

  • ​Invoice delivery (CFDI and PDF), credit note and/or payment complements through the 24/7 portal.

  • Registration with tax validation of CFDI documents and commercial validation.

  • Invoice entry in the portal without the need for an addenda.

  • Invoice registration with or without purchase order.

  • Invoice payment status of registered invoices.

  • Self-service supplier data update.

For the Customer

  • Tax validation of CFDI documents and commercial validation.

  • Invoices, credit notes and complements administration screen in SAP ERP integrated to the portal.

  • Notification to suppliers to update data.

  • Registration of invoices (CFDI and PDF), credit notes and/or payment complements through the portal in the supplier's name.

  • Data security, suppliers do not have access to your SAP ERP system.

  • Encrypted communication in the portal and between SAP ERP and the portal.

  • Avoid potential fines by validating each CFDI sent by suppliers.

Integrate Axosnet Cloud Portal,
to any ERP, using APIs

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