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Implementation and Expansion

We can help ensure a successful implementation or expansion of your SAP Concur solutions.

Project Readiness

  • Executive Sponsorship

  • Resource Planning – PM, IT, Accounting, Internal Audit, HR, etc.

  • Change Management – Policy, Credit Cards, Training, etc.

  • Transition Planning – Internal Communication Plan, etc.

Custom System

360° Integrated Consulting

SAP Concur Solutions

  • Project Management

  • Configuration

  • Testing

  • Go-Live

  • Post Go-Live Support

  • Outsourced Back Office Services

From zero to hero!
We Implement
SAP® Concur® Solutions

We are a certified provider of the Concur Expense, Concur Invoice and Concur Request solutions and have been an SAP Concur partner since 2012.


You will be assisted through your SAP Concur journey by our certified and experienced consultants.



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We ensure that the configuration of the SAP Concur solution meets the spend management needs and objectives of our clients.

End-to-End Management

From the initial planning stages to the final execution, our team takes charge of the entire SAP Concur implementation process, ensuring a cohesive and integrated solution. In addition, our consultants provide immediate attention and support to your requests.

Customized Solutions

Recognizing the unique needs of your business, we craft solutions that go beyond mere implementation. Our goal is to optimize each module to align precisely with your organization's workflows, fostering efficiency and maximizing the benefits of SAP Concur.

Seamless Integration

Our experts specialize in orchestrating a smooth integration of SAP Concur solutions into your existing systems. This involves meticulous planning, thorough testing, and careful execution to minimize disruptions and ensure a seamless transition.

Proactive Problem Solving

Challenges are inevitable, but our team is equipped with the expertise to proactively address issues as they arise. We believe in a hands-on, problem-solving approach to keep your SAP Concur implementation on track.

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