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Simplify Travel Expenses Management
Collect, Validate, Classify & Create Reportsall in one app.

AxosMoney Provides the Next Benefits to Your Business

  • Simple, automated, compliant travel expense management integrated with SAP Concur.

  • Validate electronic invoices from a smartphone for travel expenses, which will help with tax compliance and XML classification created during business travel.

  • Streamlined reimbursements. Only valid expenses are submitted for approval and payment.

tax validation app
Axosnet SAP Concur Partner

Take a look at the new features


Smart receipt capture


Automatic report assistant


Notifications when your expenses are validated

Other features on the app

XML Verification for Mexico (SAT) and Colombia (DIAN).

Report valid and invalid expenses.

Automatic expense classification.​

Works with SAP Concur Expense.

Creates reports in SAP Concur from valid expenses.

Adds receipt images to SAP Concur Reports.

Available on IOS, Android & Web devices.

Do you know how a good expense management and approval process impacts your company?

With AxosMoney we assist you in every step of your process.


Free yourself from worries!


Register valid expenses in SAP Concur through your smartphone and recover reimbursements in less time.


Reduce your workload!

Decrease the volume of tasks by having a better experience by approving your traveler's reports in less time.


Everything at your fingertips!

All CFDIs are stored in a 256-AES encrypted repository for future needs. They will always be ready for audits with Axosnet Reporting (CFDI document linked to a Concur report).

Forget about tedious tasks when organizing travel expense invoices, don't wait until you return to find out if your invoices are fiscally valid! With AxosMoney you are in control, create, classify and validate your SAP Concur expense reports from the palm of your hand.


XML Concur

100% Guaranteed registration of valid tax invoices.


Reducing manual

data registration


Classification of expenses


Detection of duplicate expenses


Fast and efficient synchronization to SAP Concur


Auto-fill of expense fields with XML information





AxosMoney saves time with

automated classified expenses

and AutoFill report items



No manipulation is allowed,

employees only submit

valid expenses to SAP Concur.



AxosMoney only accepts

digital receipts issued

in the name of your company.


  • What do I need to have to get AxosMoney?
    The SAP Concur Expense module, plus your AxosMoney subscription.
  • What do you get when you integrate AxosMoney to your workflow?
    - Send valid reports to SAP Concur. - Saves time in expense classification and filing. - Improvements in your expense reimbursement process. - Guaranteed recording of valid tax invoices. - Secure transactions. - Automated financials.
  • Can I have AxosMoney send more XML information to SAP Concur?
    Yes, AxosMoney can send any mandatory XML field to SAP Concur custom fields. Including tax amounts such as VAT, IEPS and TUA.
  • Are there big companies among the clients that handle AxosMoney?
    Yes, we have companies of recognized brands, you can contact us without obligation for more information.

Do you want to help your company with the tax compliance of travel expenses?


Did you know that automation gives you greater fiscal security?

Join the companies that are improving their travel management by counting on AxosMoney and get an expense validation.

No matter the place, the time and the number of invoices!

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