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Post validation and audit ready

Axosnet-Reporting is an easy-to-use web tool that allows companies to quickly request information from CFDis that were previously validated by ADIV, allowing your company to be ready for any audit.

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Gain control and visibility
of your budget before
approving corporate expenses

We are a SAP Concur Certified Partner with over 20 years of experience in technology and innovation

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Axosnet Funds Management Connector

Manage Funds and Grants integrating with Axosnet Connector Concur Request
and your SAP ERP system.

AFM Will Help You Manage


Funds and Grants

Simplify management from one place by keeping the budget centralized in SAP ERP and enabled for SAP Concur Request.


Expense Control

By verifying your budget before requesting approval.


Faster Approvals

By having the approval flow integrated into the ERP budget. Approvals flow faster from SAP Concur Request.

Features and Benefits

  • Verification of the budget before approval of the request.

  • Notification to person in charge for budget approval or rejection. 

  • Notifies requester in case of budget approval or rejection. 

  • Update budget reservation when request changes in Concur Request.

  • Cancel budget reservation if Concur Request request is cancelled.

How Axosnet Funds Management Works

sap concur
Logos Axosnet Solutions_fmc-logo-black.png

Expense Encumbrance Process

Employee submits

expense request.

AFM analyzes in SAP whether there are sufficient funds for the request.

Budget reservation requested in SAP ECC is created.

SAP sends information on reservation made or lack of funds.

Sufficient Funds:

  • Status change to: Approved.

  • Post: SAP Document to Concur.

NO Sufficient Funds:

  • Status change to: Return to applicant.

  • Post: Insufficient funds.

Chief or person in charge approves or rejects request.

 Expense Report with Encumbrance Posting

Records expenses after the expense is incurred.

AFM sends data validation details to SAP.

Encumbrance released

and expenses registered.

Integrated and certified for the following
SAP Concur Solutions:

  • SAP Concur Request

  • SAP Concur Expense Professional

Stop corporate expense overruns by checking budget availability in SAP ECC directly from SAP Concur Request in near real-time budget validation.

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