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SAT 2023: What are the banned lists?

These are records that the SAT publishes in the list of taxpayers 69 and 69-B (in Mexico), indicating non-compliant taxpayers and those with allegedly non-existent operations. Keeping ourselves informed about these lists is essential to safeguard our liquidity and our clients' trust.

SAT 2023: What are the banned lists?

Nowadays, it is not enough to have up-to-date accounting; we must also verify the materiality of our operations and avoid business relationships with suppliers that appear on these lists. It is crucial to be attentive to the periodic updates of the SAT or to incorporate technology that alerts us in real time when registering a supplier.

This is where Axosnet comes into play with SAP solutions that guarantee the continuity of purchases and help you avoid SAT sanctions.

Through a validation process in supplier and purchase order creation transactions, our system reviews the SAT banned lists. If a taxpayer is identified on these lists, we provide a process to prevent this operation from continuing and avoid possible penalties with the SAT.

In addition, we provide a summary of the suppliers that were banned listed in the last validations, providing integrity to our system and generating greater confidence in our customers and suppliers.

At Axosnet, we are committed to offering comprehensive solutions that help companies comply with tax regulations and keep their reputation unblemished.

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