Achieve an end-to-end implementation of Expense Request and Invoice modules in SAP Concur.

360° Integrated Consulting

You will be assisted through this process by our certified consultants.
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How do we do this?

We ensure that the configuration of SAP Concur meets the Travel Expense needs of our customers, as well as achieving total knowledge of the tool as users and administrators.


  • Hybrid support/assistance (on site / remotely)

  • Advanced training for administrators.

  • End-to-end testing assistance.


Receive assistance at each stage of the implementation process.

Take a look at the features 

What does the service include?

End-to-end implementation of SAP Concur through our certified consultancy.

✓ Includes Axosnet Readiness Program

✓ Configuration of policies, audit rules, card feeds, user groups, among others in SAP Concur.

✓ On-site walkthroughs and testing.

✓ Go-Live support.

✓ Roll-outs to other countries.

Frequently asked questions

Why choose Axosnet as your SAP Concur implementer?

Our consultants are SAP Concur certified, and have experience in local and global project management. Our consultant's attention is complete, so they will know how to guide you through the best practices of your end-to-end process of travel expenses and invoices.

How long does an Axosnet SAP Concur implementation take?

A standard SAP Concur Expense or SAP Concur Invoice implementation lasts three months. Keep in mind that during this time you will have an Axosnet team assigned at least 50% of its capacity and working closely with your team (project manager, and implementation team). Ask your business consultant for the standard scope.


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