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5 Tips for a Successful SAP Concur Implementation

Updated: Jul 6, 2021

By: SAP Concur Implementation Leader

SAP Concur is the best option for managing receipts from your travel expenses, as it provides a spectrum of advantages to those who have it.

If your organization is considering implementing this tool, it is advisable that you carry out an integrated implementation project, so that you can get the most from your investment.

To activate or configure a solution, you need to analyze your company’s end-to-end business process. This analysis will be the guide for successfully integrating the business process and the solution.

The first step is to carry out an implementation process that must include at least the essential phases of Planning, Construction, Preparation for Go Live and Stabilization.

In the following paragraphs, we share some tips for you to consider for a successful implementation of SAP Concur:

Put Together your Dream Team

To have an overall view during the planning and execution stage of the project, it is very important to have on your assigned team:

1. Travel Expenses and Accounting Person: A master in the current verification process and in the requirements of the expense account record will be your best advisor at the time of designing the new SAP Concur process.

2. IT Guy: This person knows the latest technologies and the security and automation processes. He will help the team on any technical or integration issues.

3. Business process expert: This is the person who understands the business processes and knows which technology is used for each of them. This will help create an integrated business process both before and after the implementation of SAP Concur.

4. Representative of the tool’s end users: This person will have to bring an objective vision from the user’s perspective, and his feedback will help improve the adoption of the tool.

5. Project Manager: This person will control all phases and requirements of the project. It is advisable that your project manager – whether internal or external – understands the potential of SAP Concur.

Consider tax compliance

Before the start of the project, identify which tax requirements you must comply with, so that these can be taken into account in your SAP Concur configuration. For example: tax calculation, deduction limits and the rules in your country. For some issues, you might need additional services to achieve that compliance.

Create expectations within the organization

The potential of your SAP Concur project will be multiplied when those to be benefited are counting the days to start-up. To create this excitement, it is important that the project program includes a communication and training plan prior to the launch. Like any other tool, SAP Concur will be more productive to the extent to which more people understand the benefits it will generate, and will therefore promote its use.

Integration with other systems

Right from the start of the project, you will discover opportunities for integrating SAP Concur into your accounting system or ERP. When planning, you will have to decide how to manage the integration so that you are able to go from a simple file exchange to an automated process.

Making these decisions at the start of the project will give you two positive impacts: 1) During the project, execution will be more efficient, since you will have a clear idea of the implications of integration. 2) When you start using SAP Concur, the benefits will be felt throughout your organization.

Planning post-production monitoring

Before closing your project, you should plan the range of information that your organization must analyze, and launch training sessions for the team that will be responsible. It is recommended that you get help from an expert on this to take full advantage of the SAP Concur Business Intelligence tool and to reinforce decision-making and budget supervision.

These recommendations were developed from the experience of Axosnet in the implementation of SAP Concur for national and global companies. Our team of certified consultants is ready to support you.

Contact us! We would like to be on your team for your next implementations.

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