Axosnet SAP Concur Reporting

Improve your post-implementation process, save time and discover benefits of SAP Concur reports.

Visualize key indicators, generate Business Intelligence reports in SAP Concur, and gain valuable insights about your suppliers and employee expenses.

With Axosnet SAP Concur Reporting, we will assist you identifying areas in your T&E Spend that may be:

  • Useful for Negotiations With Preferred Suppliers

  • Analyzed for Budget Predictions and Control

  • Out of Compliance with T&E Policies

  • Potential Fraudulent Transactions


  • Save time.

  • Leverage SAP Concur reporting insights.

  • Gain more visibility into employee's expenses.

  • Maximize your ROI and monitor compliance through Concur's Business Intelligence.

  • Gain insight into your company's top spenders and categories.

  • Improve decision-making.

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Are you ready to make the most of your data and improve decision making?
We help you identify key areas where SAP Concur Reporting can provide you visibility to your T&E spend.

Take a look at the features 

What does the service include?

Scheduled Automatic Report Delivery.
✓ Improve SAP Concur performance.
✓ View up-to-date metrics.
✓ Train your team on key metrics to support your decision-making process.
✓ Get to know who your employee's preferred suppliers are.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any pre-requisites to use consulting hours?

An approval from SAP Concur is required for Axosnet to receive access to your site. Axosnet's team will support you to manage this approval.

How is the service implemented?

A roadmap of activities is proposed and on a regular basis to be specified, a report of hours used is made. The follow-up calls and management of your hours as well as the required configurations are included in your package. The activities are performed remotely.


Gain insight and knowledge of how the expense system is working for you.