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Do you have a bunch of ongoing projects?
Do you want to carry out a successful one?

We provide assistance in the management of your SAP Concur projects, we take care of the follow-up tasks and provide communication between you and the SAP Concur team.

Get SAP Concur project management assistance. Make the development of your project easier and deliver on time.

Did you know...

By having a Project Management resource you can anticipate and reduce the risks and particularities of any SAP Concur project.

We are the best partner to carry out your SAP Concur project

  • Complete and manage your project on time.

  • Achieve your work scope in time and budget.

  • Anticipate risks and reduce the particularities of SAP Concur projects.

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Designed to fit the needs of your SAP Concur business project, at a price that won't break your budget.

Take a look at the features 

What does the service include?

Follow - up tasks.
✓ Liaison between you and the SAP Concur Team.
✓ Overcome any risk or deviation of the project.
✓ Team activity tracking and reporting to stakeholders.
✓ Support in requirements definition.
✓ Translation of functional requirements into SAP Concur language.

Are you interested in learning more about project management in SAP Concur?
Take a look at our article


Ready to get started?

Join the group of companies that carry out a succesful business project.

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