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How to implement an efficient expense policy?

Do you need visibility of the total annual amount for cabs, flights, food, lodging, among others? Do you need corporate travel to be approved by those responsible for taking care of the budget and also to comply with the limits assigned for each concept in the company's travel policy? SAP Concur can help you comply with it and keep the allocated budget healthy.

How to implement an efficient travel policy

The SAP Concur platform allows you to implement your travel policy digitally, some of the benefits are:

  • Anticipate hotel, air and car rental booking to get the best rates based on the travel agency integrated to the platform.

  • Eliminate unnecessary written authorizations or signatures, the SAP Concur platform is perfectly prepared to notify the traveler of the status of their travel request and the approver of any pending request for approval.

  • Manage the amounts requested as cash advances for those users who do not have a corporate card.

  • Use the platform to visualize if it is necessary to contract corporate cards for frequent travelers.

  • Establish limits for each concept: Taxi, bus tickets, food, etc. and thus achieve the correct compliance with the travel policy, your company defines whether to allow the user to continue with the verification or simply reject the expense in case of exceeding it.

  • Create an intelligent report with the users that have exceeded the limit amount for auditing purposes.

  • Request users to attach the tax receipt (CFDI) to continue with the travel expenses verification.

These are just some of the many benefits you can gain by detailing your travel policy on a digital platform.

If you are interested in implementing a digital policy, we offer you some recommendations:

Analyze your travel policy beforehand based on the following points:

  • Does your policy apply to one or more countries?

  • If your policy applies to only one country, do the companies in this country have the same policy?

  • Does the approval flow for travel expenses require the same total number of approvers for each company?

  • Does the limit amount per item apply to all employees or is it possible to assign levels to users?

Before starting, gather a list of authorized concepts such as travel expenses and their accounting account, gather the fiscal information of tax rates and their indicator, analyze the accounting structure to be established in your policy, meaning that every user must belong to a company and cost center and can affect an internal order or profit center based on certain criteria, it is important to identify at what point you can affect the budget of these last two concepts or if they are not necessary.

Remember that from the list of allowed concepts you can establish a limit amount, you can also establish which of these concepts can be checked by dividing the total amount between several companies and even define which concepts can be checked with assistants, for example, business meals, where an assistant can be a prospective client, a guest, the wife of a direct, etc.

At Axosnet we hope these recommendations will help you make the best decision when implementing your digital travel policy, remember that we are certified to implement the SAP Concur platform and take advantage of the change.

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