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Axosfest: Pumpkin Party

Autumn has arrived, and with it, one of the most exciting and creative celebrations of the year: Halloween. This year, at Axosnet we decided to immerse ourselves in the essence of this holiday, organizing the Axosfest: Pumpkin Party, an unforgettable party for our entire team. It was a night of scares and laughter that we will not easily forget.

Axosfest: Pumpkin Party

Our Human Resources team went all out to transform our offices into an authentic Halloween scene. Days beforehand, they began decorating the spaces with pumpkins, spider webs, skeletons and spooky lights that created the perfect atmosphere for the occasion. Every detail contributed to the immersion in the festive spirit.

The centerpiece of our party was undoubtedly the costume contest. Our team demonstrated their creativity and competitive spirit with costumes ranging from classic horror characters to creative interpretations of pop culture icons.

From witches to superhero characters, everyone showed their best version on this special night. The team had a difficult task in choosing the winners, but in the end, some stood out for their originality and detail in the elaboration of the costumes, among them, the first three places. Third place, Carlos Gutiérrez dressed as the Emperor's Royal Guard from Star Wars, second place, Sofía García accompanied by her son Nico dressed as Colonel Sanders and a piece of chicken and finally, first place, Santiaga Cabrera dressed as Rosey the Robot from the Jetsons series.

And, of course, a delicious selection of themed desserts and food was not to be missed. From pumpkin and ghost-shaped cupcakes to traditional Mexican antojitos, the whole team enjoyed a feast full of scary and fun flavors.

This year's Halloween party was a great success, and not just because of the scares and laughs. It was a great opportunity for the whole team to relax, get to know each other better and have fun together outside of the usual work environment.

We thank everyone who contributed to making this party an unforgettable experience, and we look forward to future celebrations and the festive spirit that each season brings to Axosnet!

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