Synchronize T&E reports that are approved in SAP Concur and automatically create journal entries in SAP ECC,
taking care of compliance and operational speed.

Create a positive impact on your Travel Finance and Expense team.

Synchronize employee master data and cost objects.

Incorporate deductibility rules, and business rules that generate intelligence and validations in the recording of expenses and advances in SAP ERP.

Automate the recording of advances: Accelerates operations and the recording of approved travel expenses to streamline per diem reimbursement.

Apply deducibility rules to your
travel expences from Concur Expense


Step 1
Reports approval.


Step 2
Automated with scheduled job:
Journal Entries generation.


Step 3
Automated with scheduled job: Journal Entries posted.


Includes monitoring, maintenance and software updates.
Connects SAP Concur Expense and SAP ERPs.
Synchronizes employee master data and cost objects.
Records policies in SAP ECC considering multiple expense scenarios.
Combines Concur Request information with expenses for effective tracking of employee expenses.
Attach XML and PDF files to accounting policies when combined with AxosMoney for electronic invoicing.
CTA-1-expense (1).png

Record 100 travel expense reports in your accounting system in 60 seconds.


  • No double data entry and less time Accounts Payable processing.

  • Brings In Depth Integration to your business.

  • Increase the productivity of your finance team.

  • Automate the registration of expenses and tax calculation in your accounting.

Benefits ERP Expense Connector

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What can I do with it?

Connects SAP Concur Expense and SAP ERPs.
✓ Policy registration in SAP ECC considers multiple expense scenarios.
✓ Combines Concur Request information with expenses for employee expense tracking.
✓ Includes monitoring, maintenance and software updates.
✓ Adds business rules for advanced recording of advances and travel expenses.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the prerequisites for Axosnet ERP Connector for Expense?

Have SAP ECC 6.0 EPH4 + SAP S/4HANA On Premise.

Why would I want to migrate my process to the cloud? What are the benefits?

An integrated cloud can bring new ways to run processes more effectively and efficiently. An invoice management process with an integrated cloud could make you spend 16% less time managing invoices and significantly reduce the cost of processing.

How is SAP Concur, AEC and SAP connected?

AEC's connection to Concur is through Concur's APIs, while AEC's connection to SAP is through the AWS Amazon service.

What version of SAP Concur is AEC compatible with?

Currently the connector only works with the SAP Concur Professional version. AEC Invoice with Concur Invoice Module AEC Expense with Concur Expense module AEC Funds Management with Concur Request module

Which version of SAP is AEC compatible with?

The connector works with SAP ECC, SAP S4 HANA On premise and SAP S4 HANA on Cloud* (*AEC Invoice).

In SAP is it required to install any addon, does it interfere with any standard process of my SAP system?

If the code installation is required in SAP this is done through namespaces, however it has no impact on your standard processes as it is a Z development.

Do you have other connectors?

Yes, in addition to Axosnet ERP Connector for Invoice, we have Axosnet Funds Management Connector, Axosnet Funds Management for ICS and Axosnet ERP Connector for Expense.


Prevent budget overspending with Axosnet ERP Connector for Concur Expense