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Post validation and audit ready

Axosnet-Reporting is an easy-to-use web tool that allows companies to quickly request information from CFDis that were previously validated by ADIV, allowing your company to be ready for any audit.

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Automate supplier invoices receipt by integrating SAP Concur Invoice with your SAP ERP system

We are a SAP Concur Certified Partner with over 20 years of experience in technology and innovation

SAP Concur
SAP Concur Partner
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Axosnet ERP Connector for Concur Invoice

Axosnet ERP Connector for Concur Invoice, automatically synchronizes supplier information between SAP Concur Invoice and SAP ERP system

The Axosnet ERP Connector allows your company to incorporate your Procure to Pay process into the cloud and take advantage of new ways of working that provide operational flexibility and speed.

Benefits of Integrating

SAP Concur Invoice and SAP ERP


Accounts payable can improve efficiency and save time by automating invoice processing.

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Automate your payables processes to help cut cost and risks and turn your invoices into strategic assets.

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Reduces the cost to manage vendor data in multiple systems.


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Register Financial Invoices (Without PO) and Register Operational Invoices (With PO).​

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Purchase Order and Goods Receipt Management.

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3 Way Match Comparison (Invoice vs Purchase Order vs Good Receipts).


Supplier management between SAP Concur and SAP ERP.


Payment Notifications to SAP Concur Invoice.

How Axosnet Connector for
Concur Invoice Works

sap concur

Vendor Registration Request

Invoice Posting without POs

Invoice Posting with
POs and GRs

PDF Attached to Journal Entry

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Vendor Import and Update

Import POs to SAP Concur

Import GRs to SAP Concur

Payment Confirmation to

SAP Concur

Reap the Benefit of an Integrated Process with Concur Invoice:

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Finance teams could spend 16% less time managing invoices and focusing more in expanding the business.*

* See  sap_concur_ami_infographic_fnl.pdf

Works with the following
SAP Concur Solution:

SAP Concur Invoice Professional

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