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Post validation and audit ready

Axosnet-Reporting is an easy-to-use web tool that allows companies to quickly request information from CFDis that were previously validated by ADIV, allowing your company to be ready for any audit.

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Synchronize approved
T&E reports in SAP Concur and automatically create journal entries in SAP ERPs using Axosnet Connector

We are a SAP Concur Certified Partner with over 20 years of experience in technology and innovation

SAP Concur
SAP Concur Partner
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Axosnet ERP Connector for Concur Expense

Axosnet ERP Connector for Concur Expense, synchronizes approved Travel & Expense reports from  SAP Concur to SAP ERP and automatically creates journal entries, taking care of compliance and operational speed.


Axosnet ERP Connector increases the productivity of your finance team by automating expense entries and executing deductibility rules to be use in your finance system.

Benefits of Integrating

SAP Concur Expense and SAP ERP

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Operational Savings

Reduced accounts payable staff time and cost per transaction savings by automating recording of cash advances, expenses, employee data and cost objects.


Regulatory Compliance

  • Incorporate regulatory business rules.

  • Application of deductibility rules.

  • Possibility of attaching XML and PDF to accounting policies.


Short-term ROI

  • Low acquisition cost.

  • Faster learning curve, it brings speed to changes, results and innovation.

  • Lower maintenance.


  • Connects SAP Concur Expense and SAP ERPs. (SAP ECC or SAP S/4 HANA)

  • Synchronizes employee master data and cost objects.

  • Records journal entries  in SAP ERP considering multiple business expense scenarios.

  • Combines Concur Request information with expenses for effective tracking of employee expenses.

  • Incorporate deductibility rules, and business rules that generate intelligence and validations in the recording of expenses and cash advances in SAP ERP.

  • Includes monitoring, maintenance and software updates.

How Axosnet Connector for

Concur Expense works

sap concur

Approved Cash Advance

Expense Report

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Employee Master Data
Cost Objects

Exchange Rates

Works with the following
SAP Concur Solutions:

  • SAP Concur Expense Standard

  • SAP Concur Expense Professional

Create a positive impact on your Travel & Expense and Finance Team

By integrating Concur with Axosnet Connector, you could:​

  • Reduce the number of travel expense types when using derivations.

  • Automate cost allocation with Business Rules.

  • Speed up data entry and reduce human errors.

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