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Company with travel policy, but its use is not respected


Company with travel policy, with mandatory use


Company without travel policy
Tips for generating policy compliance in your company:

With cloud technology:
SAP Concur has been seen to reduce time travel bookings by

Create compliance and reduce risk, don't try to over-complicate your site setup! This can increase your policy compliance by 94%

Keep improving! Adjust your policy and generate controls through your T&E platform, review your spending policy and update your settings.

In Axosnet we can help you in tightening your policy

If you already implemented  Concur Expense and you feel happy with your current configuration, but you have not yet added the Request ADd-on
Maybe it's a good idea to implement it on your company for the following benefits:

Generate savings through a customized pre-approval of your trip
Gain visibility for your controlling team before the trip is done
Have a detailed information of the expenses and cash advance
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