Do you want to control and visualize better your funds?


With Axosnet ERP Connector for encumbrance, it provides control of all expenses related to different areas of your company, with two-way communication between the SAP Concur system and SAP ERP

Update SAP ERP’s encumbrance posting status to SAP Concur Request.

Check company’s available budget in SAP ERP to post an encumbrance operation.

Releases encumbrance before posting journal entries to SAP ERP.

Short-term implementation between SAP Concur and SAP ECC

Wrong debt. The wrong indebtedness is one that is not productive and that only serves to cover leaks of poor money management due to poor accounting and financial organization of the company.
         Lack of planning. It must be very clear what the money is going to be                    spent on.  Non-planning gives rise to improvisation, generating the                              appearance of unnecessary expenses.
Disorganized accounting. If financial records are not kept, the person who will recover from them could start mixing company money with staff. Serious problem, since money is at the expense of someone else's judgment.

Reasons why companies lose control of their expenses

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