Save up to 3 weeks* annually

Let's talk facts... Imagine saving 16% of your time with automation, putting it simple let's say you work 9 hours a day, that's 45 hours a week, that leads up to 7.2 hours weekly saved or 374 hours/15 days a year.  

Save up to $11 USD* per invoice

Now how about money savings, a practical case will be, if you process around 250 invoices every month, integration between SAP Concur and SAP ECC saves around $11USD per invoice, making a whopping $33,000 USD annually. 


Sync vendors data between systems to make sure vendor information is up to date.

Send Purchase Orders & Good Receipts to Concur Invoice to run a 3-way verification.

Get all approved Invoices and post them to SAP ECC (MIRO or FB60).

Send payment confirmation to Concur Invoice, giving payment visibility to vendors.


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