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Tax and expense validation on your trips

What is Tax Validation?

One of the main goals of the online digital tax receipts (CFDI) is to offer those who issue and those who receive invoices, a certainty that their documents with which they work every day will meet the requirements of the Administration System Tax (SAT).

How to know if your invoice (CFDI) is Valid?

For this situation, there are some ways to ensure that the documents we work with are in order and meet the SAT requirements.

One of the ways in which the validation can be carried out is through the SAT web page where it is required to have the following data available to carry out the verification of the CFDI: Fiscal folio, RFC of the issuer, and RFC of the receipt of the voucher.

By entering this data manually and individually in the SAT module, the following points can be verified:

  • If the invoice is up to date

  • Issuer and receiver RFCs are registered

  • If the CFDI was stamped and by which PAC was stamped

  • Certification date

  • CFDI status (Valid or Canceled)

Another way is that thanks to this demand suppliers like us Axosnet have emerged where we have a solution that helps customers to perform their fiscal and commercial validations.

And it is also thanks to this great demand for CFDI that authorized suppliers have emerged to generate the digital vouchers (CFDI) of the people or businesses that contract their services.

Do you know what travel expenses are?

Travel or per diem is the way the company provides its employees with capital to cover lodging, food, transportation, use of cars temporarily including mileage payment for example.

What are the restrictions on travel expenses?

The requirements that SAT demands for travel expenses are a little more complex than we imagine since each expense has its specific restrictions which must be met in order to be considered valid, just to mention a few:

a) Food in Mexico $ 750.00 per day per person

b) Food Abroad $ 1,500.00 per person per day

c) Car rental and related expenses $ 850.00 per day in Mexico and abroad

d) Lodging abroad $ 3,850.00 per person & per day

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