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Simplicity in an automated way

Updated: Oct 27, 2020

Axosnet ERP Connector for Concur Invoice is a solution that is dedicated to simplifying the process of "Procure to Payment" (P2P) which contemplates from the moment an acquisition of services and/or goods is planned until the vendor is paid, this process carried out in SAP ERP integrated to SAP Concur through the Concur Invoice module, it makes invoice management easier, from the moment the purchase request is generated to processing and payment.

Axosnet ERP Connector performs this process through 5 Dataflows:

  • Vendor Import & Update (SAP to Concur Invoice)

  • Vendor Registration Request (Concur Invoice - SAP - Concur Invoice)

  • Invoice Posting without POs (Concur Invoice to SAP)

  • Invoice Posting with POs & GRs (Concur Invoice to SAP)

  • Invoice Vendor Payment Confirmation (SAP to Concur Invoice)

These dataflows incorporate all the functionalities of the solution, which begins with the integration of the vendors with whom a good or service is acquired, these vendors can be imported from SAP to Concur and the request for approval of these can also be made from Concur to SAP, the Purchase Orders and Goods Receipts generated in SAP can be imported through the connector to Concur through a 3-way validation which compares the invoice with the Purchase Order and the Good Receipt, if everything matches the connector will carry the invoice from Concur and will publish it in SAP, and finally when it is paid in SAP, our connector sends a notification to Concur so that the vendor knows the status of their invoice.

Axosnet ERP Connector for Concur Invoice is a solution certified by SAP Concur, it is hosted in the cloud so it does not require infrastructure or servers, it works with SAP ECC 6.0 and SAP S4 / HANA On-premise, the connection with the ERP is not direct this It is carried out through Amazon AWS where SAP will initiate communication between both systems, likewise Concur makes available web services (APIs) through which the connectivity between the connector and SAP Concur is carried out, all of the above will allow us to perform automation of the entire process, always guaranteeing the highest security of your company's information.

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