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Fiscal Validation: Simple, Compliant & Automated

Updated: Apr 5

AxosMoney is an application that works in the cloud and its objective is to help your company with the tax compliance of travel expenses through the tax validation of your XML’s. To achieve this, AxosMoney has two versions: mobile (iOS / Android) and Web (Axosnet Cloud Solutions) which integrate your expenses into the SAP Concur platform. With both tools, you will be able to complete and reimburse your travel expenses in a few steps quickly and easily, as well as generating tax compliance.

Now, how does AxosMoney complement your travel expense process with Concur? Here is a step by step of how we can do it:

  • Attach or forward the CFDis of your business trip to the email:

  • Classify the valid CFDi by placing the expense type that corresponds to it, consider that the application is prepared to save a validation and classification history that in future occasions will offer an automatic classification of the expense for the corresponding Tax ID.

  • Create or complement your expense report with the recently validated and classified expenses, you will see this report automatically and in real-time in SAP Concur.

  • Review your expenses in SAP Concur and you will be able to see that for each expense line sent from AxosMoney some fields will already be pre-filled such as: Total amount, Transaction date, UUID, Issuer Tax ID (Provider), and validity status.

  • Complement your report in SAP Concur for compliance with your travel policy and your report will be ready to submit it for approval.

Easy, right?

Now, note that AxosMoney automates some steps in your verification process, reducing the time invested in your expense report prep, some of them are:

  • XML verification before for validity.

  • Expense report creation on the SAP Concur platform.

  • Self-classification of the expense type based on your validation history.

  • Data pre-filling for each expense on the SAP Concur platform.

Likewise, AxosMoney will provide the following benefits to your company -which ultimately will translate into savings-:

  • Tax compliance, ensuring the reimbursement of valid CFDIs when required.

  • Increase the deductibility of expenses.

  • Reduction in verification time.

Our greatest motivation is to make your travel expenses process as simple and automatic as possible, and we know that together we can achieve it!

For further information, contact your Axosnet sales representative.

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