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Quick Guide - What is a Payment Receipt Complement?

By: SAP Consulting Leader

A payment receipt complement has seemed to be a headache for taxpayers due to all the rules that the Mexican authority requests that must be reflected in each document, especially because it is something tedious to generate. The following questions can help you learn and solve some doubts that you had since this payment complement or CRP (in Spanish abbrev.) became mandatory.

What is a Payment Receipt Complement?

Technically, it is an XML file with specific information to declare that you as a taxpayer have received an income and it will be used to pay some invoices for your clients.

Who should generate a “payment receipt complement”?

Any taxpayer who is a natural or legal person receiving payments has the obligation to generate this file and deliver it to their client. And you as a customer have the right to demand the supplement that protects what you have paid.

What is it for, and why should I need to be so specific on its format?

This add-on is used by you as a taxpayer and SAT (Servicio de Administración Tributaria) to keep track of the invoices that are constantly moving in all businesses. They serve to identify which invoices have already been paid in full, which ones are to be paid in installments or which have waivers or discounts. This way you will keep track of money incomes and each time a payment is made.

How do I know if I need to generate a Payment Receipt Complement?

As previously mentioned, this supplement must be generated every time you receive a deposit, a check, a transfer, cash payment, a waiver or compensation, among others. Using the payment receipt complement you will see easily if the invoice is already paid or not, giving you better control in your income.

These archives must be generated only when the sales invoice is not paid at that time, in other words, it is for commercial transactions between a buyer and a seller requiring transactions to be paid in installments. For example, you sell raw materials, and they will be paid month-end. At the time that payment arrives and you receive the deposit for the sale, you must then issue that CRP.

What benefits do I have when issuing CRPs?

  • This will help you identify which invoices are already paid and which aren't, in which ones they applied some partiality and how much balance is unpaid.

  • It avoids the cancellation of invoices.

  • Have more control of your income, each payment receipt complement protect the income you have in your bank accounts or your petty cash, allowing you to know how much you have and how much is missing for you to be paid.

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