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Most common Procure to Payment scenarios in SAP Concur Invoice

Updated: Mar 6, 2020

By: SAP Concur Implementation Leader

The Procure to Payment (P2P) process is one that companies apply to purchase goods and services. This includes activities between various departments such as Purchases, Merchandise Receipt and Accounts Payable. It also consists of all phases from when a purchase is planned, the requisition is generated and approved, until the supplier issues the invoice of the order and is paid for the goods or services purchased. Today, many of the SAP Concur customers have chosen to cover the P2P process through the functionality of SAP Concur Invoice. Here are some of the processes that can be covered through this tool.

Purchase Request & Purchase Orders Functionality

Purchase Request functionality allows customers to have an internal authorization before purchase, through requests. The authorization flow can be determined by the client. Once approved in SAP Concur, the requests generate a purchase order that can be transmitted to the authorized supplier. With this you have a better control of the expense in the company.

Invoice functionality

The minimum suggested process that can be covered through SAP Concur Invoice is the registration of the invoices received by those responsible for accounts payable. This registration can be done manually or through the OCR reader that makes the tool available to customers. This can be managed by the client for the verification of the invoices or they can decide that it be managed by SAP Concur. Once the invoices are registered, they will go through the configured approval flow to finally be processed for payment.

How to identify what processes will be required for my implementation?

Before your implementation of SAP Concur Invoice you must identify the process (s) that must be configured on your site:

I. Full flow: Purchase Request + Purchase Order + Invoice

These scenarios are normally used by SMB (Small and medium businesses) companies that do not have an ERP that generates the purchase order processing.

This flow will consist of the following steps:

II. Purchase Order + Invoice flow

These scenarios are normally used by companies that have an ERP that manages the requisition and purchase orders. Thus, the orders can be imported manually to SAP Concur or through some interface. If your company has SAP, Axosnet can provide this automation through its ERP Connector (among others available: material received for three way match, vendor management).

In general, the flow runs as follows:

III. Invoice flow (Non-PO)

These scenarios do not have a specific company profile. The flow may be appropriate for invoices that are not related to purchase orders. Thus, the flow is simplified as follows:

What about you? Are you ready to start your SAP Concur Invoice implementation? Remember that our team is trained to carry out the configuration of your site and additionally you can add automatic integrations via our solution: Axosnet ERP Connector for Concur invoice. Contact us for more information!

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