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Learn how you can apply automation to your invoice process with AEC invoice

Updated: Oct 16, 2020

In order to make the acquisition of goods or services, most companies use a process called Procure to Payment (P2P) which comprehends the phases from planning a purchase, to making the payment to the vendor for the goods or service purchased.

An ERP, such as SAP covers P2P processes, accompanied by a T&E platform such as SAP Concur that provides better fluidity and visibility of invoice management through the Invoice module. Axosnet ERP Connector for Concur Invoice simplifies and optimizes the process of your SAP ECC / SAP S4 HANA system with Concur Invoice in order to streamline the management from purchase requests to the processing and payment of your invoices.

Our solution will allow you to:

  • Link existing Purchase Orders and Goods Receipts in SAP with the invoices that enter in SAP Concur through a 3-way match.

  • Sync and post all the approved invoices in SAP, and when these are paid the confirmation of this status will be sent to SAP Concur, giving visibility to whoever needs it.

In addition to simplifying the invoice process, Axosnet ERP Connector for Concur Invoice will allow you to synchronize the data of your vendors between both systems (SAP ERP and SAP Concur) so your information will always be updated.

Our solution uses automation with the goal and benefits of reducing up to 37% the possibility of human errors, reducing up to $11 USD per invoice costs and time reduction up to 16% for your finance team in your company’s operation, thus accelerating processes and providing better visibility to your organization. Axosnet seeks to protect your valuable investment with the support of our experienced team. We understand the needs of your business by setting rules to map and transform the required information in your system, always guaranteeing compliance with the highest quality and safety standards for you and your company.

To learn more about our solution, visit or watch our solution’s video

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Reduce time & save money with Axosnet ERP Connector for Concur Invoice

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