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How to set spending limits for your travelers in SAP Concur

The purpose of the T&E policies is to control expenses before travelers make their business trips. Most companies set an expense limit for the main expense categories to have better compliance with their policy. If we transform these requirements into an SAP Concur configuration, there is one type of configuration that will help you meet this need: Audit Rules.

An audit rule allows you to validate if the travel policy configured on your platform is being complied with. If the traveler is violating any rule or expense limit, the system will trigger a warning or make a hard stopper and will give instructions to the user on how to resolve it. An audit rule is composed of the following:

  • Event: Action taken on the platform that will trigger the validation, for example: When sending the Expense Report or when saving the expense type entry.

  • Condition: Parameters that will be validated by the audit rule. For example: That the Hotel expense type is higher than $1200 MXN daily.

  • Exception: Message shown to the user when the previous condition is fulfilled, it is composed of a code, level, and message. The level establishes whether it will allow the traveling user to continue once he corrects the actions offered in the message or if he is not allowed to continue because he committed the policy violation. The code and message will guide the user on how to correct the incidence.

SAP Concur aims to enforce travel policy compliance for all users and to achieve this we recommend setting limits and levels that will allow you greater control and management of the expenses made on each trip. To do this, consider the following points:

  • Detect expense types and the amount allowed per employee/day level within your travel policy

  • Set the restriction type within SAP Concur

If you are clear on the previous points, creating an audit rule establishing the event, condition and exception will be very easy. The following are examples of some possible validations in SAP Concur:

  • Total daily amount

  • Total daily amount as sum of various expense types

  • Total transactions (daily, weekly, monthly, or annual) allowed per expense type.

Example: Total Transactions

Conditions / How the user sees it:

In Axosnet we can help you by creating your company’s Audit Rules or training your team on how to administer them by themselves. Feel free to reach us!

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