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How to achieve compliance with Axosnet Funds Management Connector

Axosnet Funds Management Connector is a tool that helps us with functions related to the travel processes in your company, which allows us to minimize human error, reduce time in the execution of tasks likewise our connector creates a close communication between SAP Concur and SAP ERP, which allows us to have control of the information that travels between systems.

One of the benefits offered by Axosnet Funds Management Connector is the budget validation in real-time, this will allow us to carry out a verification of the budget available in the department, so each travel request will be processed automatically, minimizing the consultation directly with the corresponding department and avoiding the long waiting time to have an answer on whether the available budget is available for the employee to travel.

When an employee generates a travel request, an efficient and automatic process is triggered, generating a request number, verifying the available budget and if it is approved by the corresponding leader, then a reservation number will be generated, this reservation number is which tells us the percentage of the budget that the traveler requested and set aside for his trip so that no one else can use that same budget.

Finally, with Axosnet Funds Management Connector, you have exclusivity of quick budget management ensuring that your trip always has sufficient funds, providing you with an automatic and efficient service.

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