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Automatic Travel Expense calculation in SAP Concur

By SAP Concur Implementation Consultant

When companies require their employees to take business trips, they usually provide them with a cash advance amount or make a deposit to their bank accounts to cover their travel expenses: food, lodging, among others. To calculate the amount that corresponds to them, we have seen that in some of them, each employee does it manually. This calculation involves daily limits by concept, duration of the trip, among other variants.

In addition to this, the advance approver performs a validation that again implies said calculation to verify that what is requested is in the allowed range.

"I have to perform my travel request calculation manually to be able to travel"

"It's a pain having to do manual calculations"

"My employees do not always correctly determine their travel expenses" -

These are some phrases that we have heard from the collaborators.

Based on this experience, we have simplified a solution using SAP Concur Request, making the calculation of Travel Expense (or cash advances) to be performed automatically. Thus, each employee who has to travel will not have to resort to the calculator. Let SAP Concur calculate your Travel Expense according to your travel policies.

Founded on the various variations and the daily limits of expenses that companies have and variations, a document is created which is uploaded to SAP Concur so that it can take this information and be able to use it in the Request module.

In less than 5 clicks from the user, he will already have the correct amount of the travel expense based on his type of trip. The system will read the information on the user and the information on the type of trip that he will take, so the amount that corresponds to him will appear on the screen. It's that simple to ask for the correct amount of Travel Expense. Ease for employees, and peace of mind for the company's travel expenses area.

What about you? What are you waiting for to apply for this improvement in your company?

Prerequisites for Implementing the Solution

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