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8 Tips for successful project implementation.

By: Process Integration Consulting Leader

When we talk about a new project, the first thing that comes to mind is that, if it is simple to implement, if it does not consume much time, effort, and, of course, cost reduction.

That is why we are sharing the following 8 tips below, so you can have a successful project implementation.

1. Be clear about the need that exists and the scope you want to reach with this project.

2. Define who will be involved in the implementation of this new project.

3. Personal training, like the others, this point is critical because once the project has been implemented, it is necessary to train the people who will be working every day on it

4. Make an analysis of the suppliers that are in the market, today there are a wide variety of suppliers, select two or three of them, now focus only on those, analyze the important thing such as, the experience of that supplier, if they have any certification or if they are Partners of a company recognized worldwide. This provides security and guarantees you that the product, solution, or service you are going to acquire has a high quality.

5. Request a test or demo from the supplier, you have to test the product, solution or service before purchasing it, perhaps this is a mistake all at some point make, not testing what we are going to acquire maybe because they recommended it or you heard about it somewhere. The key question here is, does it really work as you expected?

6. Once we choose the supplier and the test meets our expectations, it is time to implement.

7. Once the product, solution, or service has been implemented, we begin to enjoy it, "But", as everything in life is not perfect, it is important to keep in mind that over time new needs may arise, which brings us to the last Tip.

8. Continuous support is required and without leaving aside the periodic maintenance of this new implementation.

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