• Process improvement and reduce human error.

  • No double data entry and less time AP processing.

  • Speed up the process and the visibility of your Account's Payable team.

  • Invoice Management 3-way match enablement.

  • Protect your investment.

  • The integration is done through APL.

  • SaaS model, does not require infrastructure or servers.

  • Maintenance and Standard Support included.

  • Solution certified by SAP Concur.



With our solution, you can...

Average savings of $11 per invoice.

Spend 16% less time managing invoices.

Average annual savings of $33,000 if you process 250 invoices per month.

Finance teams could spend 16% less time managing invoices and focusing more in expanding the business.

Spend 16% less time managing invoices.

$11 USD average savings per invoice.

250 invoices processed per month could lead to $33,000 USD Average annual savings.

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