Companies that do not keep a detailed monitoring of expenses and travel saw how spending increased by 14% annually

What to do in case of lack of monitoring?

The main points that the travel expenses area has to revise are:

Policy compliance 

This is the compliance of your expense policy document, for example your spending limits.

Fiscal  compliance

Sometimes we need to revise that fields inside the xml are correct so we can guarantee a correct deduction of expenses:
- Xml fiscal validity
- Duplicity to Avoid fraud
- Validation of additional fields within the CFDi 

Both monitorings can be done automatically with SAP Concur and adding to your process certified partner applications for fiscal validations 


Tips for fiscal compliance

  • Its necessary that the information inside the CFDi travels to your accounting.

  • Information like the UUID, the tax ID of the receipt issuer, and some other necessary XML nodes have to be filled on your expense report for a correct electronic accounting.

  • Doing the filling of this information manually in an expense report torns a tedious work and increments the risk of errors.

Did you know...

the average cost on companies of manual preparation of expense reports is less than $10 USD in a 29%, $11 or more in a 25% and the 46% of the companies do not have a track of these costs.

So the automatic filling of the information can be done by our application, which will be detailed on advance



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