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Synchronize T&E reports that are approved in SAP Concur and automatically create journal entries in SAP ECC, taking care of compliance and operational speed.


  • No double data entry and less time Accounts Payable processing.

  • Brings In Depth Integration to your business.

  • Increase the productivity of your finance team.

  • Automate the registration of expenses and tax calculation in your accounting.

  • Prevent budget overspending with Axosnet ERP Connector for Concur Expense


  • Connects SAP Concur Expense and SAP ERPs.

  • Policy registration in SAP ECC considers multiple expense scenarios.

  • Combines Concur Request information with expenses for employee expense tracking.

  • Includes monitoring, maintenance and software updates.

  • Adds business rules for advanced recording of advances and travel expenses.

Create a positive impact on your Travel Finance and Expense team.


Synchronize employee master data and cost objects.


Incorporate deductibility rules, and business rules that generate intelligence and validations in the recording of expenses and advances in SAP ERP.


Automate the recording of advances: Accelerates operations and the recording of approved travel expenses to streamline per diem reimbursement.

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