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Automate the calculation of cash advances.

Forget about manual processes!

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"I have to do my travel calculation manually to be able to travel"
"It takes me a long time to do manual calculations"
"My employees do not always determine correctly their per diem"
These are some of the problems that most companies have to deal with, if you feel identified with one, we have the solution for you.
Automatic calculation avoids additional expenses, prevents losses due to untested expenses and saves administrators time, taking advantage of already configured rules. Improve the management of your cash flow reflecting a monthly savings in advances
Automate the process in delivering cash to the employee
Save time for employees and the finance area
Control cash expenses on employees

How does it work?

Through a table that contains variants and settings validations within the SAP Concur platform, the calculation is performed with the amount allowed by each employee within the company.