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Improve the process of validating expenses in SAP Concur

  • Reduce time and effort by managing everything in a single system.

  • Provide relevant tax information to your team.

  • Receive status alerts and notifications.

  • Gain visibility on validation outcomes.

Take a look at the benefits of ADIV!

  • Avoid fines to the company by complying fiscally with the validation of electronic invoices in Mexico, according to the CFDi 4.0 version.

  • Get full visibility of each CFDi’s validation status in the expense report.


  • All SAT updates are included in the annual payment of the tool.

  • Fully integrated solution to SAP Concur facilitating invoice verification in expense reports

Validate directly in SAP Concur

With ADIV your expenses are validated when submitting your report.


Free yourself from worries!


Register valid expenses in SAP Concur through your smartphone and recover reimbursements in less time.


Reduce your workload!

Decrease the volume of tasks by having a better experience by approving your traveler's reports in less time.


Everything at your fingertips!

All CFDIs are stored in a 256-AES encrypted repository for future needs. They will always be ready for audits with Axosnet Reporting (CFDI document linked to a Concur report).


XML Concur

100% Guaranteed registration of valid tax invoices.


Fast and efficient synchronization to SAP Concur


Do you want to help your company with the tax validation of your expenses?

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