SAP Cloud Platform – Axosnet iVerifier

Comply with Invoicing Government Regulations in a Snap

If you manage invoices in countries such as Mexico, Colombia, Brazil or Spain, by law you have to incorporate a validation process in your invoice management process or you could face fines in the thousands of dollars. Axosnet iVerifier is a simple web service which can be easily incorporated in your SAP Cloud Platform App, SAP S/4 Hana or SAP ECC system to help you comply with government regulations.


Easy to get started

iVerifier is subscription based, simply fill in the online form and securely add your credit card details. No need to worry about contracts, extensive paperwork or confusing fee structures. Pricing is based on admits per month and you can cancel at any time.

Digital Signature Verification

All invoices that are generated in Mexico and Colombia have a digital signatures created from a government certificate that iVerifier can validate if it is valid or invalid.

Structure Verification

Validate the invoices with the technical specifications established by SAT (Mexico) and by DIAN (Colombia)

Catalogs Verification

Validate the invoices using catalogs defined by SAT (Mexico) and by DIAN (Colombia)

Verfiy Invoice’s Expiration Date

Validate the invoices expiration date using web services of SAT (Mexico) to guarantee
validity of the document.

Multiple Country Verification

iVerifier can be used with Mexico’s CFDi schema and Colombia’s Factura Electronica schema. And we also have on our RoadMap we have Brazil and Peru validations soon.


Axosnet iVerifier runs as a SAP SCP service with a proven stable and scalable infrastructure.