We strive to support your compliance requirements. You have entrusted us with a variety of personal and confidential information. And in many cases, the handling of this sensitive information is subject to various privacy-related laws. Axosnet has developed policies, uses security certificates, and communicates best practices with employees and customers.


Axosnet has privacy and security policies that apply to all of our information handling practices.

Contractual privacy protection for customers

Axosnet’s Master Subscription Agreement includes confidentiality provisions that prohibit us from disclosing customer-confidential information, including customer data, except under certain narrowly defined circumstances, such as when required by law. Axosnet agrees not to use, modify, or disclose to anyone other than a customer’s designates any of its respective customer data. Axosnet agrees not to access customers’ accounts, including customer data, except to maintain and improve the service, prevent or respond to technical or service problems at a customer’s request in connection with a customer support issue, or when required by law.

Confidentiality agreements and information security policies

Every Axosnet employee and contractor must sign confidentiality agreements

Privacy statement

For information collected on Axosnet’s web sites, we provide explanations and assurances relating to the types of information collected, how that information may be used, and how that information may be shared. Axosnet offers individuals the opportunity to manage their receipt of marketing and other non-transactional communications.