Axosnet Solutions for SAP Concur®

Axosnet’s Cloud Solutions for SAP Concur are a set of tools that improve SAP Concur’s T&E business process.

  •     Integrate Accounts Payable into your T/E process using Axosnet-Middleware.
  •     Simplify Report creation and approval process with pre-validated expenses using AxosMoney.

Axosnet Middleware Expense Connector, integrates SAP Concur  to  any ERP System with a bi-directional flow of information and powerful business rules.

Features of Axosnet Middleware Expense Connector:

  • Master Data Integration between SAP and Concur, such as Employees, Cost Centers, Approval Hierarchies, Internal Orders, WBS Elements, Company Codes and Division.
  • Extract Transactional Expense data Integration from Concur using either Webservices and/or FTP to your ERP System.
  • Functionality to create Business Rules Transformations to SAP Concur Expense Data, prior sending it to SAP accounting records.
  • Connectivity to SAP via RFC,  WebServices or FTP to incorporate Concur Expense data into SAP
  • PGP Encryption when using FTP protocol
  • OAuth 2.0 Protocol to communicate with SAP Concur Webservices.

It provides to a travel user a Mobile application to create reports in Concur with pre-Validated expeses coming from a CFDis (Digital Expense) document.
A Delegate can use AxosMoney web interfase to create expenses on behalf of their superiors, by simply submiting expense via email.
AxosMoney pre-validation backgroound process verifys structure, signature & certificates to comply with government regulations, so by the time the expense reaches your mobile or web app, you can rest assure those expenses are ready to use in a Concur Report.

  • Validate an unlimited number of  CFDi´s with an Annual Payment.
  • Eliminate tedious tasks when trying to manually verify every single CFDi submitted by every employee
  • Help enforced policies with employees with a no hassle integrated validation step in their expense submission report.
  • Easily manage expense and invoice approval knowing that every CFDi was validated prior payment
  • Reduce risks with external government audits with an integrated validation step within Concur.

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