Axosnet Solutions for Concur®

Axosnet’s Cloud Solutions for Concur are a set of tools that improve Concur’s T&E business process.

  •     Reduce risks complying with Government regulations.
  •     Be ready for audits using Axosnet Fetcher.
  •     Get insight from Concur’s CFDi data using Reporting.
  •     Reduce reimbursement time using Axosnet-Middleware.
Axosnet Digital Invoice Verifier (ADIV)®:

It Validates CFDis without hassle within Concur Expense and/or Concur Invoice, verifying structure, signature & certificates to comply with government regulations.

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Axosnet Digital Invoice Verifier validates every attached CFDi document in Concur Expense and/or Concur Invoice, complying with government regulations checks such as structure, signatures & certificates, allowing you to:

  • Validate an unlimited number of  CFDi´s with an Annual Payment.
  • Eliminate tedious tasks when trying to manually verify every single CFDi submitted by every employee
  • Help enforced policies with employees with a no hassle integrated validation step in their expense submission report.
  • Easily manage expense and invoice approval knowing that every CFDi was validated prior payment
  • Reduce risks with external government audits with an integrated validation step within Concur.


Axosnet Middleware Expense Connector, integrates Concur  to  any ERP System with a bi-directional flow of information and powerful business rules.

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Features of Axosnet Middleware Expense Connector:

  • Master Data Integration between SAP and Concur, such as Employees, Cost Centers, Approval Hierarchies, Internal Orders, WBS Elements, Company Codes and Division.
  • Extract Transactional Expense data Integration from Concur using either Webservices and/or FTP to your ERP System.
  • Functionality to create Business Rules Transformations to Concur Expense Data, prior sending it to SAP accounting records.
  • Connectivity to SAP via RFC,  WebServices or FTP to incorporate Concur Expense data into SAP
  • PGP Encryption when using FTP protocol
  • OAuth 2.0 Protocol to communicate with Concur Webservices.


Allows companies to obtain all CFDi (XML documents) previously verified by ADIV and bring the CFDi to their on-premises systems.

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According to the Mexican Government regulations, all CFDi’s need to be safeguard on-premises when they are link to electronic accounting. Axosnet-Fetcher can help you be ready for audits with an automated process to obtain all CFDi (XML documents) previously verified by ADIV.


An easy to use web reporting tool, that allows companies to quickly query CFDi information previously verified by ADIV.

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Axosnet-Reporting gives search functionality and insight into Concur’s CFDi data to accounts payables managers, enable them to:

  • Find a CFDi document in seconds.
  • Get a friendly view of an XML document.
  • And identify its verification status.

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