Intelligent Business Processes with Smart Middlewares. By J. Sirahuen Polito R.

Change is a constant in every business and the creation of intelligent business processes is now a necessity to stay ahead of the competition rather than a dream of the future. As business process matures with time, existing business rules driven by customer demands, government regulations, competitors or technology innovations in the marketplace need to be updated or changed. To keep up with those changes, a flexible and agile solutions needs to be incorporated in a cloud infrastructure so business […]

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SAP Project Management Consultancy By: Sofia García, PMI Certified Project Manager

  For those consulting firms that focus their services on implementations and SAP developments is common to hear that projects never finish on time. But, this must always be met or is there any way to avoid it? During the project implementations, there are times when it seems mission impossible to meet the planned dates for different eventualities, that’s the reason why project management becomes a basic tool, necessary to achieve the expected success. According to the PMI (Project Management […]

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Cloud Computing: Migrating to a safer place By: Marco Bárcenas, Implementation Leader

The term “cloud computing” is an interesting topic, that everyday is changing how to work for all those people or companies that use some technological device (gadget) as a working tool. A new topic for many people, which has evolved over the years, and therefore, there’s a lot of information available. Generally speaking, the concept of cloud computing, is known for being able to access information, programs or any service from any device with internet. Formerly, to work with different […]

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